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Web Development

So many companies spend thousands of dollars and countless hours getting even the most basic websites developed from scratch. Of course we can offer this service but we prefer to take a better approach, which is quicker for us and more cost effective for you.

  This enables us spend more time listening to what you want and need in a website, and then making it happen. But wait there’s more! Because we develop websites using Content Management Systems (CMS), which provides a simple user interface, we can train you and your team, so you don’t have to give us a call every time you want a simple little update.


Digital Marketing

Whether it’s a simple Facebook post or mass email thousands of global customers, we understand that the most important part of digital marketing is communication and connection, ensuring each individual in your audience feels like you are talking directly to them.

Let us do the work of telling the world what you do, sell or know, while you get on and do what you are best at.  We take particular pride in our knowledge and execution of Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM), providing a full service from advice on effective content, subscriber management and creating email templates through to administrating campaigns that automatically distribute your message/products around the clock in a way that makes each individual feel like you typed the email yourself.


Graphic Design

Corporate branding, prospectus layouts, window vinyls, business manuals, retail store design, website concepts, wedding invitations and album covers; we have done it all.

With a wide range of knowledge across design principles, industry standard software, printing methodology and mediums, no job is too big or too small for us. We especially love partnering closely with our clients, capturing their vision, ideas and dreams for their business and bringing our passion, technical expertise and knowledge to create truly unique and special solutions.


Film & Photography

From our experience film production is an area which a lot of clients haven’t considered before coming to us. The most common reason given is that they think it’s expensive and after seeing so many low quality, poorly executed company video clips out there, they didn’t want to be the next. But in our fast paced digital world video is one best methods of captivating and quickly informing your audience.

  We love to show our clients the quality of our work and how affordable it actually is. With our extensive knowledge and countless hours of experience in conceptualizing, filming & editing film across a vast range of projects we know how to produce a premium product that will make you stand out from the rest for a fraction of the cost. Additional to this we have some amazingly talented photographers for all your photography needs from product and advertising shots to portraits, team and event photos.


Information Management, Analysis & Reporting

Another particular area of expertise that we pride ourselves in is the ability to produce data solutions.  Whether analysing large payment batches for accounts teams, providing sales trackers for retail executives or performing business analysis and forecasting, we have provided a wide range of solutions to help employees to process information quickly all the way through to annual reports and snapshots for CEO’s, Councillors and Directors to give them a quick and effective overview of their business.

Much of our work has involved large data ‘dumps’ out of software and into spreadsheets to manipulate, process and display data in a way that is affordable and timely which is sometimes impossible even for exorbitantly priced industry standard software.  Another area of specialisation is building data collection solutions in form of websites or active PDF forms. Through the use of various scripting languages data collection solutions can be made dynamic, providing the end user with a professional yet simple interface to interact with which ensures the optimal and correct data is retrieved.


Information Technology

Years upon years of projects, positions, studying and development has given our team great expertise in the area of information technology, From configuring and troubleshooting the latest mobile devices to servicing commercial server hardware, rectifying corrupt Windows operating systems to using industry standard animation software on Apple OS X.


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